Egg: Nutrition or Trigger

Do you remember when an egg was known as the best-food-ever?

Then the egg became the worst-food-ever.

Next we were told to throw away the yoke and just eat the white.

And then not too many years later the experts advised us to throw away the white and only eat the yoke.

These days most ‘experts’ will agree that an egg is a nutritious and convenient food.

And I agree. Nutritionally speaking an egg has a lot going for it.

However eggs and me don’t get along. It took me a long time to figure it out and even longer to accept that fact as truth.

I miss eating eggs.

But I don’t miss the immediate and severe bloating that happens within a few hours of me eating an egg.

About two years ago I started to suspect that egg is a trigger food for me. It was a difficult discovery … I didn’t want to believe it because I loved eating eggs. I loved their taste, versatility and convenience. I was in denial for the longest time. I didn’t want to give them up.

So I’d go for a few weeks without eating eggs, enjoying a bloat free tummy … then convince myself that somehow I would be magically egg-compatible again. I’d blissfully eat something egg-yummy and sure enough by bedtime my tummy would be sticking out like a pregnant gal.

I will occasionally eat eggs when there is no other viable choices … such as breakfast at a hotel. [Can someone please reinvent restaurant breakfast menus!]

And I have ingested egg by accident … like that warm-out-of-the-oven gluten free muffin made with love by a friend who didn’t know I ate egg free. I didn’t tell her. That day’s bloated tummy was a small price to pay for friendship and sharing.

For most people eggs are a wonderfully convenient and nutritious food. But for some of us that same egg is a trigger food that causes inflammation and discomfort.

Hopefully you’re one of the egg-compatible people who gets egg’cited by restaurant breakfast menus. 

If you'd like help figuring out your own food triggers, drop me a line.