Hive Blanket

Where I live we don’t get our last expected frost until well into May.

Since its only mid-April the night time temperature averages just around or below freezing. And it would not be unexpected to receive a mid-spring snow storm.

To give the bees the best chance in their new home I wrapped a quilted foil blanket around the hive, anchoring it down with good old duct tape. This will help keep the heat in the hive so the bees won’t have to work so hard to keep it warm. The blanket will also provide added protection against the cold winds that often blow out of the north.

You don’t see any bees in this picture as the temperature has dropped and the wind picked up. Those smart little bees are happily tucked in out of the cold.

Next project … build and install a better hive stand. While sturdy enough, that pieced together rock-brick-wood stand is looking a little shabby.