Hive Switch

Once all the combs from the old hive were cut off the top bars and elastic banded into the Langstroth frames, there was still a fair number of bees hanging out in the old top bar hive.

But since the Queen was successfully transferred to the Langstroth box, its only a matter of time before all the bees are called into the new hive.

It’s best to trust the bees and just let the transfer happen. They will follow their queen … even it it takes them a while to figure out what just happened.
UPDATE: It took about two hours for all the bees to find their way into the new box. It was a fascinating process to watch as they first bearded off the front of the new hive, then for a while there was a cluster of them on the fence behind the hive. Finally at a slow and steady pace I watched as the bees disappeared  into the green hive.