Honey Crush

When there is only a small amount of honey to harvest the ‘crush method’ is an easy and effective way to separate the honey from the wax … and this method doesn’t require special equipment.

This is 2 frames of last year’s honey from a hive that didn’t make it through the winter. Since the other frames of honey from that hive have been put into this year’s hives to help them stay nourished through the spring I feel comfortable harvesting these.

I used a wooden spoon to crush the honey comb in a small mesh strainer and let the honey drip into a dish below, leaving the wax in the strainer. At a later time I’ll clean the wax and turn it into candles.

To keep the strainer up off the dripping honey I rigged up two new frames for the strainer to sit on. You can use whatever you have on hand … such as books, boxes, bowls, etc … that get the strainer up high enough that the honey can easily separate.

This sink-sized strainer works great, but a regular round type of strainer can work too.