Intern Urban Beekeeper

If anyone had told me in the Summer of 1984, (expecting my first child), that I would be spending the Summer of 2014, (expecting my first grandchild), as an Urban Beekeeper’s Intern in the City of Calgary … I would have probably said “Cool … but highly unlikely!”

Fast-forward 30 years and here I am.

And it is cool. Seriously cool.

My internship is one afternoon a week. On Tuesdays.

I love Tuesdays!

I get to ride a super groovy bike with a bee smoker in the basket.

Today I climbed a slightly rickety ladder to the rooftop of a heritage building in Inglewood to survey the space for hive location suitability.

Then I went up a secret stairway in the Hyatt to make sure that the rooftop garden is properly prepared for their hive set-up.

At the next stop near Shouldice Park, I helped ‘super’ two hives that are exploding with growth. They are truly super hives … what with all the Lilacs and Dandelions in bloom.

After riding back to Inglewood to pick up my car I was very nearly knocked down by a transit bus … meh …

Then I was met with a $40 parking ticket … meh …

And driving home I waited at a light for 15 minutes to make a left turn  … double meh …

I seriously didn’t care. None of that fazed me.

I barely noticed the troublesome bothers of daily urban life because I had just spent the afternoon navigating the city and riverside bike paths on a super groovy bike with a bee smoker in the basket, getting my hands dirty with bees wax and unripe honey, all the while practicing my yoga breathing technique that helps me suppress the urge to swat at the bees crawling on my bare legs.

Inconsiderate drivers. Silly parking rules. Rush hour traffic. Didn’t give any of them a second thought. I was way too full of an espresso-like high from holding frame after frame of buzzing flying crawling dancing insects and child-like wonder from witnessing baby bees chew their way into the world.

The Summer of 2014. A Grand-baby and a Beekeeping Internship. May just turn into the best summer ever!