Moody Foody

I don’t eat all that well when I’m tired and cranky. Actually, let me rephrase that … I don’t take the time to purchase and prepare low crap food when I am tired and cranky.

I learned this about myself when I recently returned from a ten day business trip. I got home after dinner time and my fridge was lacking in fresh stuff … which leaves my fridge pretty empty indeed.

So I went shopping at the big box grocer that is open late and I found myself wandering around the store being tempted by the prepackaged stuff that I teach people to stay away from.

Even though I knew the food would leave me with a tummy ache, my tired cranky mood kept saying “I don’t care what you feed me ... just feed me …”

It wasn’t too hard to find relatively low crap convenient food to take home … the hard part was trying to find low crap convenient food that wasn’t heavily packaged.

I didn’t do a very good job staying away from the packaging.

I came home from the store with two bags of groceries. One was full of fresh fruit and veggies. The other contained a hot, cooked chicken, a loaf of sprouted grain bread, and a small tub of mayonnaise … all great fixings for a low crap chicken sandwich … all heavily packaged in plastic.

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