Sweet Potato Fiber

The Sweet Potato is a no-crap food that is sweet fiber for your bowel. When you eat sweet potatoes, peel and all, a perfect breeding ground for good bacteria is created. Good bacteria in the bowel means increased absorption of nutrients as well as timely elimination of the unnecessary bits. A quick Google search for sweet potato recipes returns several thousand hits and the majority of those recipes contain added sugar. I say why break a low-crap diet by adding sugar to a food that is already naturally sweet?

Baked, boiled or mashed sweet potatoes stand beautifully on their own as good solid no-crap high-fiber food. Added to soups and stews, they provide comfort, energy and empowering nutrition.

One afternoon a couple of years ago I discovered “Sweet Potato Fries” at a local pub. I enjoyed that dish so much that I set out to create a healthier home made version that doesn’t require deep fat frying. What I came up with is less crispy then the pub grub, but no one seems to mind.

Sweet Potatoes can be cut up and baked in less then an hour and they make a nutritious snack for the after school crowd … a low crap alternative to denatured frozen French fries.

I often take this dish as my contribution to potluck gatherings and its always a hit. I find it is just as tasty cold the next day as it is hot, fresh from the oven.  I have posted my recipe for Sweet Potato Bakes in a separate post.

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