Update on $60 of Low Crap Food

Its been five days since I brought home $60 of Low Crap Food, so its time to take an inventory and see what I’ve got left and tell you what I’ve been eating. On Saturday I hosted a picnic for three friends who were helping with some video research at Thompson Small Farm. (Stay tuned for those posts over the coming weeks.)

For the picnic I prepared Garlic Broccoli Offering, Yogurt Garlic Potatoes, Brown Rice Salad, Nettle/Raspberry/Oat Straw Tea, and hard boiled eggs. I also brought along some goat’s cheese and a fresh tomato for slicing and serving on corn crackers. There was chocolate for dessert thanks to Kerri. We were so busy exchanging ideas that no one thought to snap a picture.

The picnic used up some of the peppers, garlic, and cucumber, a little of the spinach and cilantro, 2 of the broccoli stalks, the limes, most of the eggs and ½ the tub of yogurt.

The oranges, kale, ginger and most of the remaining spinach has been consumed in Orange Green juice, my favourite breakfast and after running juice.

I attended a potluck dinner on Sunday, and used the rest of the broccoli, more of the garlic and had to substitute a lemon (as I was out of limes) in another batch of Garlic Broccoli Offering, which was met with rave reviews.

Half of the onion and another bulb of garlic went into a stew served over brown rice. Other ingredients found in the fridge and thrown into the stew were: half of a sweet potato, 3 carrots, and five bison sausages cut up.

I’ve also gone through a pot of quinoa, which I usually eat cold after adding chopped salad ingredients, olives and feta cheese.

So after five days, I still have about 1/3 of the produce left. That pineapple is just about perfectly ripe and ready to eat. This morning I chopped up the cauliflower, tossed it with  salt, and it is now dehydrating as I write in hopes of becoming a crunchy low crap snack food. I’ll let you know how it turns out.