Will a Low Crap Diet heal the earth?

I don’t know that a Low Crap Diet will actually heal the earth, but it may slow down the earth’s destruction. Here’s my theory on how that might work. A Low Crap Diet will have you purchasing food with a lot less packaging, such as plastics, cardboard, foil, and tin. If fewer people are purchasing these types of products, then we won’t need so many oil wells, open pit mines and clear cut logging operations. We won’t be putting so much crap into the dumpster so our landfills won’t have to be as big, and there will be fewer garbage trucks running around burning fuel to take our crap to a landfill!

What about recycling? Recycling is great, except it also involves big trucks burning fuel to take our products for recycling to far off factories which use fuel and electricity to create a usable product out of the one-time-use food packaging which then has to be shipped back to us by big trucks that burn lots of carbon producing fuel. [For a great visual of this chain of events see The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard http://www.storyofstuff.com/.]

Here’s another thing. A Low Crap Diet will have you eating a whole lot of real food, which may wake up your brain cells and allow your genius to shine even more that it is now. Maybe it will be your newly rejuvenated brain cells that will figure out how to produce electricity without damming up rivers, burning coal, or building nuclear reactors.

When you eat a Low Crap Diet, you will influence your friends and family to also cut back on the crap they eat. This in turn will improve the level of health in our communities. Healthy people are generally more happy, creating happier communities, and making us less inclined to fight with each other. This in turn will cut back on the amount of hate in the world. And less hate in the world will inevitably result in less destruction and even an opening for us to learn from each other, share ideas and start living like the loving, compassionate beings that all the spiritual books say we already are.

Phew! Imagine all that just from eating less crap!

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