What does Low Crap Diet consider to be crap?

Crap is a slang word referring to garbage, junk, and litter. It can also be used to describe exaggeration and propaganda. You’ve probably used the word to express how you’re feeling the morning after a big party or to describe all the stuff in your garage. You may have even used the word to refer to a redundant project your boss has asked you to work on. The word can communicate a feeling of overwhelm when life’s details are closing in on you. And it’s a great word to use when you feel you have been treated unfairly. 

Our world is full of crap: unusable products (aka garbage); bad ideas (aka good intentions with unforeseen consequences); lack of respect for each other (aka poor manners); lack of respect for our earth (aka ignorance).

At first glance, you may think that Low Crap Diet is all about what we eat. And this is true. A main focus of Low Crap Diet examines the relationship between what we eat and our health. But Low Crap Diet also takes a grander look at how our diet affects so much more than just our personal health.

So, ‘crap’, according to Low Crap Diet refers to anything that creates havoc in our bodies and/or our environment. This includes not only what we eat, but also our thoughts and actions and how we choose live in the world.

Eating a Low Crap Diet will automatically lessen the crap in our world. So if you truly want to make a difference both in your own health and the health of our earth, consider the crap in all areas of your life. 

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