50 cent breakfast

Recently a large breakfast cereal company began advertising that some of their boxed breakfast cereals cost less than 50 cents per bowl, including the milk. Does that seem like a reasonable price for a mediocre breakfast in these tough economic times?

And how many people do you know who can fill up on just one bowl of boxed, dry cereal? I remember my kids motoring through 2 or 3 bowls before feeling some sort of satisfaction, and then pouring half of the milk down the drain … there goes that nutritional part of a healthy breakfast.

Then there’s that issue of the cereal’s packaging. While the outer cardboard portion is recyclable, the inner plastic bag may not be where you live.

A low crap diet strives to reduce the amount of garbage the earth has to deal with. While recycling is a great option for now, reducing really needs to be the ultimate goal.

But reducing doesn’t mean having to go without convenience or taste.

Here are two ways to have a low crap, convenient, nutrition-rich breakfast for less than 50 cents per person. Yup … I’m talking about good old fashioned rolled oats served hot as Porridge or cold as Muesli.

In keeping with a Low Crap tradition, purchase rolled oats in bulk, using your own reusable bag.

The cost for a ½ cup serving of organic rolled oats is about 25 cents. Add a few chopped nuts, raisons and a dash of cinnamon and you have a hearty breakfast that truly costs less than 50 cents per bowl because you will only need one bowl of it to feel satisfied for hours.

You’ll even have money left over to thrown on some fresh fruit slices.