Day 3 of the No-Food-Purchased-In-Plastic Experiment

My purchases today were simple: 2 avocados and a large ripe tomato. No plastic involved! Yeah!

I was curious about the produce sticker with the PLU number on it. The stickers on the avocados seem to be made of paper because I was easily able to rip it. I started searching through my fridge for other produce stickers and found one on those oranges that I bought the other day. That sticker was definitely plastic because it didn’t rip, it stretched as you can see in the picture below.

I did a little research on the stickers and discovered that the glue part that attaches the sticker to the produce has to be ‘food grade’ … whatever that means … because it seems to me that the definition of “food grade’ keeps changing.

I did learn some interesting things about the PLU number on those little labels. Apparently a four digit number means the produce was conventionally grown. If the number starts with '9' the produce is organic. If the number starts with '8' the produce is genetically modified. You can read more on the International Federation for Produce Standards website.