10 Reasons why plastic sucks.

  1. It is 100% non-biodegradable.
  2. Once created, plastic will never go away.
  3. It leaches toxins into food, water and air.
  4. It is collecting in our oceans and on our shores.  
  5. It breaks down into tiny bits that get eaten by fish. If you eat fish you may be eating tiny bits of plastic.
  6. Not all plastic is recyclable and not all recyclable plastic is recycled.
  7. Chemicals used in plastic disrupt hormones.
  8. Chemicals used in plastic cause cancer.
  9. It interferes with physical development in babies and children.
  10. It is everywhere.

Its crazy that we spend thousands of dollars to eradicate dandelions from our parks, yet simply accept that plastic is a necessary evil.

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