Plastic Cranky

Plastic is making me cranky. Its everywhere, not just wrapped around our food. I’m sitting on a vinyl chair, typing on a plastic keyboard, using a plastic mouse. I could reach out and touch plastic speakers, stapler, phone, ipod, printer, cables and cords, a lamp, picture frame, cell phone, camera ... the word "ubiquitous" comes to mind. I went shopping yesterday and purchased mostly fruits and veggies, along with a few other staples. I was feeling pretty proud that I had spent $75 and not one ounce of plastic had found its way into my cloth bags … or so I thought.

Turns out a cardboard label was attached to the pineapple with a plastic thing; the kind of plastic thing that you normally find on clothing. And there wasn’t just one. Seems an over zealous clerk found it necessary to use four of these things to attach two cardboard labels. (I wonder if this was done by a machine or if the labeling was done by a human.) I did not even notice the plastic until I had chopped the top off the pineapple and was about to put the leaves in the compost.

My second faux pas happened in the dairy section. Did you know that ‘cardboard’ milk cartons are actually plastic? The 'paperboard' is sandwiched between two layers of Polyethylene. You can read all about it on the Elopak Packaging website.

I bought cream and milk in cardboard containers under the assumption that cardboard containers were lined with wax, not plastic. Guess I should have done more thorough research before I jumped to that conclusion. All the more reason to seek out a store that carries milk in glass bottles … well … except for that plastic lid.

What happened to the little cardboard disk that used to seal glass milk bottles?

Yup - I’m cranky and I still have three weeks left in my experiment.