First Annual No-Food-Purchased-In-Plastic Day (July 17, 2009)

A marketing guru blogger guy named Seth came onto my radar a few months ago when I was setting up Low Crap Diet. Recently Seth wrote about his birthday wish, asking people to “… start a project, launch an idea …” ... create a “Make a difference day.”

Today Seth's post challenged me to go farther: “Go ahead, do something impossible.

I like challenges.

I am in the midst of an impossible challenge.

I have a birthday coming up.

I want to make a difference.

In fact, I know you want to make a difference too, so I'm answering Seth's birthday wish with a birthday wish of my own.

On Friday July 17, my birthday, I invite you to take part in the first annual No-Food-Purchased-In-Plastic Day

The purpose of No-Food-Purchased-In-Plastic Day is to raise our ‘plastic-awareness’, especially in the area of food packaging.

Did you know that: - plastic never goes away. - not all plastic is recyclable. - not all recyclable plastic is recycled. - plastic leaches toxins into our bodies, our water, our air, and our earth creating havoc in ways we are only just beginning to understand.

My 30 day experiment is teaching me that it is difficult to avoid food with plastic packaging. But I am learning that it is possible to drastically cut down on how much plastic garbage I generate. 

Here's just a few ideas of how you can participate:

1. Pay attention to how your favourite foods are packaged. (Do you really need your sandwich wrapped if you are going to eat it right away?) 2. When you do purchase food wrapped in plastic, be sure to reuse or recycle the packaging. 3. Bring your own knife, fork and coffee cup (BYOKFCC) 4. Bring your own reusable bags (BYORB) 5. Whenever possible purchase plastic-free-food (PFF)

Can you go 24 hours purchasing only plastic-free-food? Leave a comment and let me know your ideas and thoughts.

Stay tuned for more details ... and Happy Birthday Seth!

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