Catch-up and Ketchup

Since there are so many new readers this week, I thought I’d give you a quick catch-up on what’s going on at and then we’ll talk about ketchup. Low Crap Diet is about cutting ‘crap food’ out of our diet … improve our health; improve the health of the earth.

Lately I’ve been cranky about plastic and other throw away packaging. In fact I became so frustrated with all the low crap food in high crap packaging that I decided to try a 30 day buy-no-food-in-plastic experiment. Feeling a little lonely in my experiment, I invited you to join me by declaring Friday, July 17, 2009 to be the first annual “Buy No Food in Plastic” day. (Better start getting organized … Friday is only two days away.)

Now that you are all caught up, here’s the promised ‘ketchup’ bit.

I’ve always wondered why “returnable glass bottles” didn’t catch on for more products. It’s a brilliantly sustainable system. When I purchase milk in a glass bottle, I pay a ‘deposit’ on the bottle as incentive to bring it back to the store so it can be refilled. When I return the bottle the deposit is refunded. It works for milk and pop and there is no reason it couldn’t work for other consumable products.

I’d like to see the following products in returnable glass bottles: - yogurt - feta cheese - olives - cooking oil - vinegar - mayonnaise - nut butters - stewed tomatoes - bar-b-que sauce - spices - honey - juice - ice cream - ketchup

I think you get the picture and you can probably add other products that you regularly purchase.

The ability to purchase ketchup in a refillable glass bottle would remove a huge amount of ketchup’s crap-factor.

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