Today is the 1st Buy-No-Food-In-Plastic Day

Today is my birthday and you can wish me well by participating in the first Buy-No-Food-In-Plastic day. All you have to do is pay attention to how the food you purchase is packaged. And when you have a choice, choose food products that are self-packaged or in non-plastic containers. Before a problem can be solved, we must first be aware that there is a problem. Do you remember when Big Mac’s and Quarter Pounders were served up in cancer-causing polystyrene aka Styrofoam? 

More than 20 years ago McDonald’s assistant vice president was quoted in the New York Times: ''We use foam packaging for the same reasons that schools, hospitals and other restaurants do. It keeps our products hot, it keeps them fresh, its portable and it's a safe and sanitary way to serve our product.'' ( Accessed: July 16, 2009).

Today, McDonald’s no longer uses foam packaging for its sandwiches and the change in packaging hasn’t seemed to hurt their business. Their sandwiches are still delivered hot, fresh, safe and sanitary … in benign paper-based wrapping.

Change can happen. It starts with awareness.

Its fairly rare to see food in Styrofoam packaging these days. But the packaging of choice is still predominately other types of plastic. Plastic keeps food fresh. Its portable. Its sanitary. It’s a wonder product. But is it safe? The evidence is mounting that it is not; not for lab rats, not for babies, not for adults, not for fish; not for water, not for landfills.

Today is the day to raise your plastic awareness. Can you go the whole day without purchasing food wrapped in plastic?

It’s a difficult challenge, but its not impossible.