Bring your own bottle.

BYOB has taken on a whole new meaning. My local organic store, Sunnyside Market, carries quite a few things in bulk … including dish soap. And they are quite delighted when you bring your own container … or in this case, bottle.

My last plastic bottle of dish soap had a big crack in it, so it had to go to recycling.

I went looking through my cupboards for a suitable replacement and discovered this cleaned out glass olive oil bottle.

I should tell you that I am a bit of a glass bottle hoarder … meaning I have a hard time sending any glass bottle to recycling if I think there is a remote possibility that it may one day come in handy.

I remember cleaning out this bottle and if you have ever tried to clean out an olive oil bottle you will understand my pain because it takes a lot of hot water and dish soap to get that bottle oil free. I remember asking myself if my efforts, along with the extra hot water and soap were worth it.

Today I was feeling kind of smug … yes my efforts were absolutely worth it.

The great thing about reusing an olive oil bottle is that it has a ‘spout’ attachment that slows down the speed that liquid pours out. This little feature makes it quite suitable for refilling with dish soap … and the bottle looks much prettier than plastic.