Ginger Root Tea


gingerrootMy kitchen is never without fresh ginger root … especially at this time of year when the seasons are changing and I know a long, cold winter is not far away. You may know ginger for its endearing ability to quell queasiness and aid digestion. You may even know about ginger’s ability to warm the body from the inside out and ease the pain of arthritis.

What you might not know about ginger is that when its boiled up, then combined with honey and lemon, it can quite literally stop a cold or flu before it starts and allow you to get on with your life, instead of having to succumb to three days of feeling miserable.

For me, Ginger Tea is one of those “wrap my hands around the mug and close my eyes” kind of tea.

I love to drink it on days when morning has come way too soon and I find myself stumbling around in the kitchen wrapped in a blanket, unwilling to let go of my bed.

Or those nights when a chill in my bones and scratch in my throat threatens to spoil weekend plans.

I especially welcome Ginger Tea at that beginning stage of a cold or flu … when I can’t warm up and my ears are popping and my throat hurts and I just feel darn miserable.

Fresh Ginger Root Tea is easy to make at home. You simply boil sliced ginger root in a pot of water and serve with lemon and honey.

Ingredients 4 – 10 slices fresh, organic Ginger Root (You will need to experiment with how much ginger you use. Some people like a strong Ginger Tea with a sharp bite; other prefer a more subtle ginger taste.) 2 – 4 cups filtered water Fresh Lemon wedges, one per cup Honey to taste (leave out the honey if you are on a detox)

Directions 1. Place sliced ginger root and water in pot with lid. 2. Bring to a boil, then cover pot and reduce heat. 3. Simmer for 15 minutes. 4. Pour into a mug. Add lemon wedge and honey to taste.

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