Oranges or Orange Juice? Which is low crap?


Here's some clues to help you decide. One comes in compostable packaging, that will break down and add nutrients to the earth in less than a year.

The other comes packaged in a plastic jug, that will get tossed in a land fill, and still be recognizable in 100 years.

One, once opened is guaranteed to contain real juice ... actual real juice, self contained in the same packaging that it grew in.

The other, says its fresh squeezed, but may have been sitting flavourless in a tank for up to a year.

One has a flavour that reflects the amount of sun it received when growing, and when it was picked, ensuring that each one will be a unique experience.

The other has a laboratory produced flavour from peels and oil based on a recipe, ensuring that each jug tastes exactly the same.

Find out more in Ms Allisa Hamilton's book Squeezed: What you Don't Know About Orange Juice

Jeananne Laing