Orchard Love

Orchard Love Do you ever really think about how organic fruit begins?

You might have visions of a peaceful serene orchard brimming over with picture perfect produce.

Well I have a treat for you … a rare peak into just how much love really goes into your food.

Take a look at this video of apricot trees being pruned at Abbott Acres in Cawston, British Columbia. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzswr8n_ysA

Who says you have to be a Zen master to be a farmer. This video shows that farming might just be the hippest job around … and I can guarantee that those ‘cots are going to be the grooviest ‘cots you have ever tasted.

Sending out a special hi-five to Tammi, Ted and Yako, and all the other organic farmers, for doing what you do.

Jeananne LaingComment