Turkey Stock


If your holiday turkey has been thoroughly picked over, its time to turn it into stock for soup.

Making turkey stock is easy. You simply put the picked over carcass in a stock pot or slow cooker, cover with water and simmer for a few hours or over night. Let cool. Pour the whole thing through a strainer to catch the bones and meat. Then pick through the bones and separate out the meat.
That's it! Yup ... its that simple.
I didn't cook a turkey this year, but did enjoy a wonderful meal hosted by my brother and sister-in-law, who was gracious enough to send us all home with goodie bags of left overs. I chose to take home a turkey leg, and turned that leg into these two bottles of stock and a bowl of dark meat.
In the days ahead, I will use the stock as a base for home made soup, and I might even use some as the liquid when cooking a batch of brown rice. The meat will get used in salads and warmed up in soup just before serving.
Low crap food at its best!
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