The Basics

  • vibrational medicine with origins in both Mayan and ancient Egyptian cultures
  • created by imprinting the vibrational essence of the flower into pure water, charged by the sun
  • the finished essences are preserved in alcohol or glycerin
  • Flower Essences can be taken straight, mixed with water, put into a bath, or added to a spray bottle with water to mist a room
  • the immediate benefits of Flower Essences has been compared to the feelings one gets when listening to a moving piece of music
  • take five drops every few minutes during acute situations, or five drops two - three times a day to resolve long standing issues
  • Flower Essences work at the emotional level, taking on the role of a coach to gently guide us first to awareness and then to letting go emotional patterns that no longer serve us
  • up to five flower essences can be combined to create a a more complex remedy, or individual flower essences can be used to help untangle the patterns one at a time
  • Flower Essences in a glycerin base are safe to use with children

Flower Essences

Flower Essences assist the user in both the awareness and management of emotions, and like the flower, create an opening or blooming to allow more of their true self to break through any emotional guarding that is preventing them from moving forward with their life. I use Flower Essences either alone or in conjunction with herbs and Mushroom Essences to help people who need a little emotional boost in reaching towards their goals and aspiration.


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