The Basics

  • plants have been used as medicine since the beginning of time
  • the World Health Organization estimates that over 80% of the world's population still utilize plants as their major form of medicine
  • the proper use of plants to treat minor and major ailments used to be common knowledge, especially by the women who passed their knowledge onto their daughters
  • many pharmaceutical medicines are based on plant medicine
  • many plants have similar physiological action within the body
  • common medicinal plants can easily be grown in a backyard garden and harvested to be made into tea, salves, oils and tinctures
  • properly created formulas by combining several plants can produce synergistic healing and support for the body to heal from dis-ease

Herbal Medicine

"Herbs are natural remedies which can help stimulate critical body processes for renewal and healing, and they can play an extremely important role in helping you restore health to your self and others. Almost as important is the role they can play in bringing down health care costs in the nations of the world and making sure that necessary services are within the financial reach of all." Terry Willard, PhD Textbook of Modern Herbology

While I have always been interested in the use of plants to maintain and restore health, I started studying herbal medicine in ernest after I began to develop autoimmune type issues brought on by poor lifestyle choices. The herbal remedies that were recommended to me, along with nutritional and lifestyle upgrades quickly turned my health around. I was so impressed that I left a lucrative, albeit rather soul-sucking, career in the computer industry to pursue full-time studies. 

Many plants have similar physiological actions, so there is likely always a plant around that can help. Plants can be combined with other plants to create synergistic healing. 


Herbal Remedies News



Taking the right herbals and supplements can make a big different in your everyday life. Let's discuss what is best for you and your health goals. Contact us to inquire about booking a consultation. 

Lodgepole school of wholistic studies

Lodgepole School often offers workshops and courses on herbal medicine. You can also take full herbal diploma programs through the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing.