The Basics

  • vibrational preparations produced under lunar influence, from various parts of the fruiting bodies and/or mycelium
  • may help bring conscious awareness to our shadow side
  • represent ancient memory and experiences helping shape our psyche and manner of functioning in the world
  • help support us in understanding the mystery of mythologies and the archetypal hero and heroines of our journey
  • usually dosage is four drops taken before bedtime for 28 days (a full lunar cycle)
  • Mushroom Essences can be started at any time during the lunar cycle, although many prefer to start on a new moon
  • best if taken individually, however up to three mushroom essences can be taken at the same time to work on more complex issues
  • More information can be found in the book 'Mushroom Essences' by Robert Rogers, RH (AHG)

Mushroom Essences Info

The use of fungi essences is not entirely a new concept, but they have not been very well explored. This could be the result of several factors, including the fungiphobia prevalent throughout much of the English speaking world. 
Mushroom Essences are vibrational preparations produced from various parts of the fruiting bodies of the kingdom Fungi. Most essences are made from polypores (spores released from pores), basidiomycetes (gilled mushrooms), and ascomycetes (cup fungi). There are a few lichens, the unlikely marriage of fungi and algae, and one bryophyte (plant) included in this book. 
Mushroom represent the underbelly or underworld energy of the planet. Unlike flower essences which are connected to the sun, bringing light into areas of darkness, fungi are lunar, dark and mysterious. 
Like all manner of living beings, they express energetic fields to those willing to observe, listen and feel. This vibration can in turn be captured and used in clinical and private psychological work. Because no physical substance remains, the mushrooms can do no harm; on the contrary, in the hands of a skilled practitioner mushroom essences can help peel away the steel bars of long-held emotional and mental imprisonment. By giving the soul permission to express a practitioner can not only be free to be more authentic, but can assist loved ones, friends, clients and patients on their own journeys. 
Mushroom Essences bring awareness to our shadowed side. They represent deep and difficult issues surrounding the "winter of the soul." They represent ancient memory and past-life experience, helping others shape our psyche and manner of functioning in the world, not simply in terms of personality, but in regard to the belief systems learned early in life that dictate worldview and focus. Mushroom represent ancient truths that build character. They support and help us understand the mystery of mythologies and the archetypal hero and heroines of our journey.  

The above is an excerpt by Robert Rogers RH (AHG) from his book Mushroom Essences: Vibrational Healing from the Kingdom Fungi



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