While not actually a herb, Propolis is a natural product that is produced by honey bees from tree sap. They carefully mix the sap with their own saliva and wax, creating a sticky, resinous product that is used to seal up cracks and crevices in their hive. 

Not only does the propolis stop drafts to help keep the hive's internal temperate at a steady state, but it also offers both antibiotic and anti-fungal properties into the hive that help protect the hive from disease processes. 

Humans can also benefit from the anti-fungal and antibiotic properties of Propolis. We often see propolis as an ingredient in herbal cold and flu remedies. Full of beneficial nutrients such as bioflavinoids, B vitamins and trace minerals, propolis' antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties may also help with skin conditions.

I like to keep Propolis on hand for cold and flu season, and also have a bottle ready and waiting in the first aid kit.

You can purchase Propolis at the Enhealthment Wholistics store.