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Cannabis Medicine for Herbalists (Certificate)

It was the best course! I feel enriched with new knowledge and am excited to share this! Looking forward to more courses related to cannabis especially certificate ones.
— Chelsey, Calgary
Great instructor, who genuinely knows their information. I would highly recommend this class!
— Melanie, Calgary
It was a great workshop. It really helped me understand the use of cannabis. I learned so much!!!
— Cecilia, Edmonton
It was fascinating, well done and I loved it. Jeananne is a fabulous teacher who isn’t afraid to say ‘I don’t know that answer.’ I really love the content and the work put into it was immense. Thank you.
— Allison, Calgary
I loved it! It was very informative. Thank you!
— Amy, Edmonton
Loved it! I am now on my own protocol that is feeling pretty great so far. I have had many open discussions since the class around Cannabis and really appreciate the thought and insight that went into the class. Thank you!
— Cheyenne, Calgary
I enjoyed it very much. The instructor Jeananne Laing is very knowledgeable and presents open and approachable to any questions. She has a great sense of humour. I would recommend this class to everyone interested in medicinal cannabis.
— Louise, Calgary
I was impressed at how in depth the content was and the delivery was excellent. I very much appreciated how candid the presenter was.
— Melanni, Calgary AB
The workshop was great, clear presentation, good information, could have been longer.
— Karen, Williams Lake
The workshop was fantastic. It was very informative to learn about the medicinal aspects and the detailed properties of different strains and terpenes. The information was clear and a lot of time was provided to ask or discuss questions. The attendees were from all backgrounds so much knowledge and experience was available to everyone.
— Randi, Edmonton
It was awesome. Very informative and useful information. I want to know more now that I’ve been introduced!
— CG, Winlaw BC
I loved the workshop. I enjoyed the wonderful knowledge that I gained from those two days. I am looking forward to more cannabis workshops in the future.
— Sandra, Calgary
Excellent workshop! Very informative. Would recommend it to everyone interested in taking cannabis or knowing how cannabis may help them and the medicinal qualities of it.
— Crystal, Calgary
It was informative, and helped to dispel the last doubts about cannabis that still lingered from the influence of the anti-cannabis propaganda and those in my life who still believe in it.
— RP, Winlaw BC
I found the instructor made the course material very relatable and easy to retain. Thank you!
— Carolyn, Edmonton
I so enjoyed the workshop! All the content was clear, and well put together. I felt I leant a lot with in the afternoon. There was always room for questions as people had them throughout the course work, it was a really great learning environment. I would definitely recommend the class the anyone who is interested in learning more about the cannabis world!
— Domonique, Calgary
I really enjoyed not only what you taught but also the group discussions!
— Genevieve, Edmonton