Cannabis Medicine for Herbalists (Certificate) Workshop

I loved it! It was very informative. Thank you!
— Amy, Edmonton, Nov 2017

It was a great workshop. It really helped me understand the use of cannabis, learned so much!!!
— Cecilia, Edmonton, Nov 2017

The workshop was fantastic. It was very informative to learn about the medicinal aspects and the detailed properties of different strains and terpenes. The information was clear and a lot of time was provided to ask or discuss questions. The attendees were from all backgrounds so much knowledge and experience was available to everyone.
— Randi, Edmonton, Nov 2017

I found the instructor made the course material very relatable and easy to retain. Thank you!
— Carolyn, Edmonton, Nov 2017

I really enjoyed not only what you taught but also the group discussions!
— Genevieve, Edmonton, Nov 2017