Plastic Cranky 2

I haven’t written for a few days. I have been dealing with plastic abundance causing feelings of overwhelm, confusion and depression. Don’t worry ... I’m not about to abandon civilization and move to some remote forest to live with wolves. But I am having to reframe my outlook.

As you know, since the beginning of July I have been engaged in a 30 day experiment to stay away from food in plastic packaging.

I have discovered that it is pretty much an impossible undertaking. To live without plastic food packaging is not convenient and many foods have to be avoided.

Here's what I have learned: - To stay away from plastic I have to drive my car to get to u-pick farms, farmer’s markets, butcher shops and bulk food stores. - Much of the fresh produce, especially fruit, even at farmer’s markets, is packaged in plastic baskets or bags. - Food packed in glass bottles have plastic lids with plastic security wraps.  - Most convenient food is wrapped in plastic to keep it fresh. - Most people are oblivolious to the health and environmental problems associated with plastic.

When I speak to people about my plastic peeves, the most frequent response I get is a blank stare, then a compassionate sounding “... but its recyclable ...” excuse. The second most frequent response is “... everything will kill us these days ... what can you do...”

Everyone is feeling the same powerlessness when it comes to plastic and food.

Is plastic slowly killing us and our environment?

Is there a will to implement cost effective alternatives?

What will it take for society to change?

Is it too late to change?

Is this a battle worth fighting?

Yup – its time to for me to reframe my focus. My inner battle-weary-nature-spirit needs shoring up.

Its time for action.