Need personalized help sorting out your health issues? Confused about how to use Cannabis medicine? Diagnosed with multiple food intolerances and wondering what you should eat? Consultations are now available at affordable rates! Together we will create a step-by-step plan to help you achieve your health goals. 


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cannabis medicine
2018 offerings

Cannabis Medicine Certificate
May 5/18 Williams Lake BC (Lodgepole School)

Cannabis Medicine Certificate
Jun 9, 2018 Calgary AB (Lodgepole School)

Cannabis Medicine Intro & Certificate
Jun 15-16, 2018 Medicine Hat AB (details soon)

Cannabis Dosing: How to get it right
Jun 1-3, 2018, Winlaw BC (Kootenay Herb Conference)

Advising Clients on Cannabis Medicine
Jul 20-22, 2018 Pigeon Lake AB (Alberta Herb Gathering)

Nutrition 101
fall 2018

This fully updated Nutrition course introduces you to the basics of nutrition, digestion, vitamins, minerals, diets, and your choices as a consumer. At the end of the course you will have made positive changes in your own eating habits. This is an official Wild Rose College curriculum course. 

histamine intolerance
alberta herb gathering July 2018

Referred to as ‘histamine intolerance’, the symptoms of histamine spill-over are seemingly random and often debilitating. The most common symptoms are sneezing, congestion, red itchy eyes, itchy throat and ears, but 

I loved the workshop. I enjoyed the wonderful knowledge that I gained from those two days. I am looking forward to more cannabis workshops in the future.
— Sandra, Calgary AB Nov 2017
The Cannabis for Herbalists workshop was very informative! I went into the course without much knowledge about cannabis and I found it was interesting and easy to follow. Although I don’t use cannabis, I now feel more educated to discuss this topic with my patients.
— Nicole, Edmonton Nov/17

A few years ago I had this idea that we could save the world just by avoiding garbage both in our food and surrounding our food (packaging). That idea was named the Low Crap Diet. I ultimately become discouraged ... did you know its actually easier to eat real, low-crap food than it is to avoid packaging, especially plastic packaging? I may pick up the project again at some point but for now here's the archives at the bottom of the Nutrition page.