Liquid Yum


I’m in a juicing phase. I go through phases … for several days, even weeks in a row, I’ll make green smoothies in my VitaMix. Then I start to get bored with the smoothies, so I’ll pull out my juicer and go through a juicing phase until I get tired of the little bit of extra work involved in juicing, and then I’ll back to making smoothies.

Sometimes I live a really wild life and have a smoothie for breakfast and juice for dinner … but I digress…

Right now that little bit of extra work is so worth it when I sip on my juice creations. I say ‘sip’ which is what I try to do … savour and enjoy every drop. But sometimes the flavour and enthusiasm of the liquid yum gets the better of me and I find myself gulping it back like I hadn’t had anything to drink for days.

That’s what happened with today’s juice. I fully intended to take a picture of the ingredients and the finished product to show you … but somehow I got lost in the creation and enjoyment of it all and before I knew it … all that was left of my experience was this empty glass and my body saying ‘thank you for the liquid yum.’

Ingredients (for each person) 1 apple 3 stalks celery ¼ - ½ stalk broccoli ¼ - ½ bell pepper (red, yellow or orange) ¼ head romaine lettuce or 1 cup of leafy greens 2 ice cubes (if you like your juice chilled)

Directions 1. Wash all ingredients 2. Chop into appropriate sizes for your juicer 3. Put the ingredients through the juicer 4. Place the ice cubes in the juice while you clean the pulp out of the juicer (It’s much easier to clean a juicer immediately after using it, before the fibre bits have dried.) 5. Stir the juice and remove the ice 6. Pour into a glass and enjoy … sipping and gulping allowed